Hara Bhara Murg

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Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


For Bhara Murgh

Whole chicken with skin 1(weighing 1 1/2kgs)
Shangrila Synthetic Vinegar 4tbsp
Enough water to cover the chicken
Very small quantity of salt to rub on chicken skin

Marination ingredients:

Ginger garlic paste 11/2 tbsp heaped
Shangrila Green Chilli Sauce  1/3c
Yoghurt 4tbsp (do not use carton packed yoghurt)
Fresh dhaniya fine chopped 1/2bunch
Fresh mint leaves plucked 20-25 leaves
Dhaniya powder 1tbsp
Oil 1/3c oil
Salt to taste
Crushed peppers 1/2tsp
Plain flour 1 1/2 tbsp
Food grade plastic bag
Meat tying thread
Oil for cooking stuffed chicken 1/4c

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Method for preparing and marinating chicken

1. Wash the chicken and its cavity

2. In a deep bowl place the chicken. Make a solution of water and Shangrila's vinegar and pour it over the chicken, (enough water to cover the whole chicken). Leave 20 min, Keep on changing sides.

3. Discard the water. Pat dry the chicken using kitchen towel or leave it on a sieve so that excess water drops down. Rub some salt on the skin and underneath the chicken skin. In a deep wide mouth wok, Heat 1/4c oil and fry chicken, (Breast side down). This is to give golden marks on all over chicken.  

4. Prepare the marination in a food processor add ginger, garlic paste, Shangrila's green chutney,  salt and crushed black peppers, yoghurt, mint, chopped coriander, dhaniya powder, grind it all. Take it out in a bowl add 1/3 c oil. Apply marination all over the chicken inside its cavity. Into the plastic bag, put all the leftover marination inside the bag. Seal it, into the fridge or chiller for few hours or 24 hours.

"Cook the marinated chicken"

Stuff the cooked rice into the raw marinated chicken cavity and press it so the rice remains inside the cavity. Now tie the legs and wings using meat tying thread. Heat a wide mouth wok add 1/4c of oil. Place the chicken inside the wok (breast side down).

Also add all the marination. Cover and leave on medium low flame till chicken is done it will take 35 minutes. You can check the tenderness by inserting the knife inside the drumstick. If it goes easily then chicken is done. Now remove the chicken and its left over sauces in a bowl.

Heat the same wok with some oil (3-4tbsp) add plain flour and fry till aroma comes out. Now add the leftover chicken juices and cook till it becomes thick.

Arrange the serving plate. First dish out the rice in a serving plate. Make a slight depression in the center and place the chicken. Pour the cooked sauce on top of it. Serve hot. 

Ingredients for Mewa rice

Basmati rice 350gm
Oil for cooking 1/3c
Cumin seeds 1tsp
Black pepper corns 10-12
Garlic ginger paste 2 1/2tsp
Biryani food color (to give rice yellow color)
Almonds (roughly chopped) 1/3c
Raisins (kishmish) 1/3c
Oil for frying almonds and raisins 2-3tbsp
Clean, wash and soak rice 25min.
Heat 3-4 tbsp of oil and fry roughly poundex almonds take it out in a plate tgen fry raisons when they swell remove ot in a bowl.

Cook the rice and heat 1/3c oil.  Add ginger garlic, cumin seeds, cloves, black pepper corns, soaked drained rice and sauté. Now add water for cooking. When water starts bubbling boil, cover leave on low flame till water evaporates. Now place the fried raisins and almonds on one side of the rice cover and leave on dum using heat diffuser. When the rice pot fills with smoke. Rice is done off the stove set aside.

Notes from Chef Maida

Fry the chicken only to give it a nice golden color. Do not cook it.
When the chicken is done, insert a knife in drumstick, if blood comes out, cook it without lid, keep changing the sides and it will vanish.
Marinated chicken can be frozen up to a week. Thaw it before cooking.
Do not over soak the rice.
You can use either basmati or sayla rice. Basmati will give best aroma.
For cooking rice, water is always double the quantity of rice