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A leading Pakistani food brand, Shangrila Foods has become a brilliant success story not only in Pakistan but also internationally.

Message From CEO

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah!

Thank you for visiting our website, and I am pleased to welcome you. 

Whether you're a potential customer, an existing customer, a partner, supplier, or future employee, I trust you'll find what you're looking for here.

At Shangrila Foods, we believe in the magic of great taste. Taste you turn to every day, taste you count on as part of your life. We make a taste that does more than merely satisfying your taste buds — it gives you less to worry about and more to look forward to. Most importantly, we make the taste you love—something we have been doing consistently since 1988.

The name Shangrila Foods stands for convenience, quality, health, hygiene, halaal, nutrition, and best value for the consumers' money, made possible only with the help of Almighty Allah-The Creator.

We are proud of our work, and I give you my commitment to deliver what we promise and do it safely and sustainably.

Enjoy our website, and feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Mansoor Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

The Company

This is only due to Allah’s blessings, our business partners, and customers' trust, along with the untiring efforts of our team members that have made Shangrila a notable Pakistani and international food brand.

Shangrila Foods began its journey in 1988 by launching the Seasoning category. Shangrila Foods’ seasonings fast gained consumer trust on account of its high standard, challenging the local and international competition in the category.

This journey of success and progress carried on, and in late 1990, Shangrila Foods introduced tomato ketchup and sauces in unique packaging for the first time in Pakistan. Today Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup and Sauces are known country-wide for their attractive stand-alone pouch pack, pure ingredients, and great taste. Alhamdulillah, Shangrila Foods is the customers' first choice.

Shangrila Foods moved away from tradition and introduced pickles in flexible packaging, which proved to be unique innovation. A centuries-old practice was presented with the invention of Ziplock, which gave customers the convenience of having homemade style pickles.

In 2011, Shangrila Foods launched the Fruiti-O brand in the nectar, juices, and drinks category. In a very short time, Fruiti-O quickly gained popularity in Pakistan and the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. Alhamdulillah, this journey of success carries on.

Shangrila Foods' production facility is located at S.I.T.E. Super Highway, Karachi, spanned over an area of 3.75 acres, including a new production plant based on 200,000 square feet and a warehouse. A modern warehouse covering 2 acres in Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore effectively supplies the North and Central zone distribution networks. Moreover, work is being carried out on our new production unit, and warehouse spread over 16 acres in the M3 Industrial Zone, Lahore-Faisalabad Motorway, and it will be complete soon. Insha-Allah, this unit will play an essential role in the country's progress and betterment while also providing Halaal jobs for several people.

Shangrila Foods’ grand Head Office is situated on Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, where the sales, operations, IT, finance, marketing, HR, and training departments are present. Their combined efforts are targeted to serve our customers.

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Innovation for Good

Shangrila Foods specializes in introducing innovation in its products, based on its extensive research on food. Due to their convenience and novel packaging, Shangrila Foods' products always stand out amongst other brands in the market.

Shangrila Foods has the honour of being the first company in Pakistan to introduce ketchup in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging of 100 grams was introduced to accommodate the demand of buyers. As it is low in price and exponentially higher in value than existing brands using traditional packaging, customers have increasingly declared their preference for Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup. Suddenly, Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup Economy Pack has become the most preferred brand in the category.

As time went on, innovation continued. Even today, Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup is available in different sizes in new attractive packaging with an Easy Pour spout.

Shangrila Foods introduced Sonth, the traditional chutney, in the Imli Garlic Sauce in a soft pack. This sauce was displayed at the Association of Sauces & Dressings USA in the Most Innovative Sauce category and got much praise.

Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup is known country-wide for its eye-pleasing stand-alone pouch pack, pure ingredients, and great taste.

Launching pickles in flexible packaging and Ziplock convenience served customers in a new way and captured the category quickly.

Pickle paste was a unique idea in which Shangrila Foods offers No Hassle, No Wastage, and Tagline “Achar ka Chatkhara, ab Jadeed Andaz mein” to reintroduce a centuries-old tradition. Keeping in mind customers' convenience and cleanliness while eating, pickle was introduced in paste form, which pioneered a new way of consuming and using pickle, serving customers' needs.

Instead of traditional Tetra-Pak packaging, Shangrila Foods introduced a range of juices and nectar in PET bottles called Fruiti-O, which features real taste, real color, and the aroma of fruits, with a shelf life of a year, through Hot Fill technology. The Fruiti-O range, launched in 2012, has proved its worth in Pakistan and 30 other countries, including the USA, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

shangrila about innovation for good

Vision & Mission

At Shangrila, we believe that our organization is accountable to our Creator, people, and business partners; and pledge to contribute to the betterment of the environment and culture.

As a food and beverage company, we serve customers and consumers across the globe to provide great tasting, Halaal, Hygiene (Tayyab), Nutritious and convenient food, produced with international quality standards with continuous research and development at great value for money.

We strive to become a Sharia Compliant, innovative, technologically advanced, and the most preferred brand in the product categories we decide to enter while leading the way for a healthier society.

Core Values

Shangrila Foods Private Limited is one of the very few Sharia-compliant organisations in Pakistan, which is entirely interest-free, by the grace of Allah. At Shangrila Foods, before conducting any transaction, making any agreement, or running an advertising campaign, we ensure that none of our actions go against the Sharia of Muhammad (S.A.W). To make this a reality, there is constant supervision by learned scholars, and fatwas are also taken wherever required, which are preserved to guide future decisions and policymaking.

Sharia Compliance – in every action
Integrity – in everything we do
Excellence – in every task
Consultation – in every decision
Ownership – for everything
Compliance – with legal, environmental & QMS

Commitment to Quality

Shangrila Foods established the Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, and Microbiology departments since it began the business to improve inspection and efficiency at various stages of production. By the grace of Allah, a team trained by qualified food scientists and microbiologists is constantly active in maintaining every step according to quality standards.

The Quality Control laboratory keeps strict controls on the receiving, storage, and consumption of raw materials and tests on raw materials and prepared products to keep records of observations. Microbiology works just like a human health testing laboratory. Its function is to find out the product's shelf life and possible impurities ahead of time to take timely action. Our Research & Development laboratory improves the product and designs it according to the customer's expectations. It also actively adds new products to the portfolio to record everything from the preparation of raw materials to the consumers’ satisfaction.

Shangrila Foods ensures the efficient implementation of the Quality Management certificate by SGS ISO 9001:2015 and the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Certificate by SGS. Tests are also carried out every six months by Pakistani regulatory authorities PSQCA and PFA, while Shangrila Foods products are certified accordingly. Besides these, our in-house quality testing is verified by getting our products tested from renowned Pakistani and international organisations, which include PCSIR, Intertek, SGS, and other laboratories in the UK, US, and Europe.

Similar to many other food production organizations, Shangrila Foods’ manufacturing facility is also registered in the US. Besides these quality certifications, Shangrila Foods is also a member of several international organizations.

We are constantly investing in acquiring advanced measurement resources and modern manufacturing equipment supported by fully equipped Chemistry & Microbiology Analytical Laboratories. Validation is also done through a continuous audit process of our integrated management system according to international standards.

Our products have been tested and approved by the following international authorities:

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA
  • SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization), KSA
  • Ministry of Health, UAE
  • Ministry of Health, Qatar
  • Ministry of Health, Kuwait
  • AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services), Australia
  • BSTI (Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute), Bangladesh
  • NAFDAC, Nigeria
  • PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority)
  • CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Food Standard Agency UK
  • Norwegian Food Safety Authority Norway

Manufacturing Facilities

Shangrila Foods uses European machinery to ensure the most efficient production and packaging of its products. Shangrila Foods Tomato Ketchup has achieved incredible success because of its quality, aroma, flavour, and aluminium foil packaging through our unique Vacuum Cooking Technology. All the preparation steps, including processing all the way to packing, are handled by autonomous machines, so pollution and human touch are avoided at all costs. Good Manufacturing practices call for online testing and post-production testing, ensuring Shangrila Foods' products reach the customer after a detailed inspection.

We have acquired supervision and certification based on HACCP and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management to achieve high quality. Our food technologists and professional experts carry out system audits to strictly monitor the GMPs and limits.

The automated European stand-alone pouch-making machines install easy dispenser caps on the eye-pleasing shaped pouch for customer convenience and pack sauces quickly and hygienically. This technology was introduced in Pakistan by Shangrila Foods. Shangrila Foods is Pakistan's only organisation that uses automated processing and filling lines to make soy sauce, chilli sauce, and vinegar.

Juices are prepared through the latest European processing and filling lines, which use the superior Hot Fill technology and provide the natural nourishment of fruits, aromatic flavour, and shelf life of over a year. To match the increasing Pakistani and international consumer demand, Shangrila Foods has recently added a new high-tech European processing and packaging line that produces 25,000 bottles per hour and is exemplary in Hot Fill Technology. By the grace of Allah, our unparalleled success in the juices category and our growth is proof that our organisation does not compromise on the quality and benefit of our customers under any circumstance.

Pickle is made using only clean, selected, high-quality fruits, vegetables, and fresh spices. This is why Shangrila Foods pickles seem homemade every time and remind one of their countries, even if they're far away.

shangrila Foods about manufacturing facilities

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