Sweet & Sour Chicken

Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


For Sweet Sauce 

3/4c sugar
1tbdp brown sugar
1/2c Shangrila Synthetic Vinegar
1/4c Shangrila ketchup
2tbsp Shangrila Soy Sauce
Pineapple pieces 1/2c (I used tin pineapple)
2tbsp Shangrila Chilli sauce
1tbsp Shangrila Worcestershire Sauce
11/2tsp crushed red chilies
3garlic cloves
Crushed red chilies 11/2tsp
Corn starch for thickening
Oil for cooking 3-4tbsp

For Chicken

Chicken breast boneless, cut into medium cubes
Plain flour 1c
Salt and black pepper taste
Shangrila Worcestershire Sauce 1tbsp
Shangrila Soy Sauce 2tbsp
Shangrila Chilli Sauce 2tbsp
Some water 
Egg 1
Oil for deep frying
Capsicum 2 medium size, cut into medium cubes
Onion 3 no, cut into medium cubes

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Marinate chicken pieces with Shangrila soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt pepper and now add egg and water then plain flour and mix well till all the chicken pieces are well coated. Heat oil for deep frying.

Fry all the pieces (medium heat) till all the pieces are very light in golden color. Remove and set aside

Make the sauce

In a clean wok heat 3-4tbsp of oil, fry capsicum and onions when it blisters, remove. Set aside

Heat again 3-4tbsp oil sauté garlic.  Add all sauces as given under Sweet and sour sauce list and sugars, let it boil. Stir in between.

Dissolve corn flour in water and add to the sauce. Keep on stirring till thicken.

In the end add fried chicken, fried onion, capsicum. Sprinkle crushed red chilies and green part of green onion. Serve hot with steamed rice

Chef Maida’s Tip

As the recipe involves corn flour. It can’t be kept too long after cooking. Consume as soon as possible after cooking