Hot & Sour Soup

Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


Chicken stock 1 liter
1/4C Shangrila Soy Sauce
1/3C Shangrila Chilli Sauce
3-4tbsp Shangrila Synthetic Vinegar
Fresh red chili 2no, fine chopped OR crushed red chilies 1tsp
2 Pieces canned bamboo shoots
Dehydrated Shitake mushrooms 8no, soaked and thickly sliced
1 tsp white pepper powder
Tofu 1C, small cubes
2 eggs
Corn flour for thickening
Green part of Green onion, for garnish

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1. Boil chicken stock, add sliced shitake mushrooms, roughly bamboo shoots, tofu, white pepper, all the Shangrila sauces, fresh red chilies chopped or crushed red chilies and salt to taste. 

2. When boil comes add dissolved cornstarch in water for (thickening). In the end add Shangrila white vinegar and whisked eggs. Mix lightly, check seasoning, if require more hot sauce and 2tbsp.

Serve hot.

NOTE: Shitake mushrooms, tofu and bamboo shoots are the key ingredients of hot and sour soup and it’s easily available at all supermarkets.

For tofu order your vegetable hawker.