Bihari Boti

Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


Muqaddum(raan ka gosht)  1kg
Whole red chillies 15no
Desicated coconut 4tbsp
Bhunay chanay powdered 4tbsp
Zeera 1tbsp
Shah zeera 1tbsp
Tez pattay 4no
Choti elaichi 4no
Kalai mirch 1tsp
Red chilli powder 11/2tbsp
Salt to taste
Dahi 250gm
Onion 2 sliced and fried
Onion 2 paste and water removed
Worcestershire sauce 2tbsp
Sarson oil 1/2c
Kachri 2tbsp
Garlic ginger paste 11/2tbsp
Wooden sticks 1packet

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Serving suggestion

Imli chutney and puri parathas


Heat pan and dry roast all masalas( Whole red chillies, Desicated coconut, bhunay chanay powdered, Zeera, Shah zeera, Tez pattay ,Choti elaichi, kalai mirch)

Cool and grind it

Heat sarson oil in a saucepan till smoke subsides leave to cool.

Cut meat into 2inch stripes. Add in cooled sarson oil, dahi, grinded masala, fried crushed onions, rw squeezed oniin, kachri powder, salt.  Mix all very well and leave 48hours. Before cooking heat a charcoal piece and place it over meat pieces drop some oil over it, cover till smoke subsides.  Now thread meat into skewers and place it over charcoal grill and cook over charcoal smoke till golden in color and well done in the end brush it with ghee serve with imli chutney and parathas.

Alternte cooking method.

Place the skewers in pressure cooker and pour some water in in cover and pressure cook 18min after whistle sound.  After 18min turn off the hob leave to cool.  Remove pressure cooker lid chk the doneness remove meat, dry all the water and place all the skewers again in remaining masala and serve.