At Shangrila, exports have an an important focus. For this purpose, aggressive channels of supply chain are working for Shangrila in various international markets. Our Products have a special appeal for the halal conscious consumer segments around the world.

Shangrila identifies the consumers’ specific demands for religious compliance, hygiene, nutrition, taste and convenience on market to market basis. The demanded products are accordingly made available in the respective markets thus generating a huge response from the consumers. Shangrila is all set to explore new markets, identifying specific consumer needs and providing much desired Shangrila products on the market shelves, Insha-Allah!


Private Labeling

Other than our premium brand Shangrila, we also extend our services by offering our customers private branding opportunities in the increasing global market. Maintaining highest manufacturing standards, authenticated sourcing, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a long professional experience, we offer contract manufacturing and private labeling & facilitate the interested customers to the best of their requirements. A wide array of services and service options have proven to be the primary reason why customers have chosen Shangrila (Private) Limited to fulfill their production needs. Shangrila is well versed in handling glass, PET and convenient flexible packaging (stand alone pouches) with a wide variety of filling/bottling, capping, labeling and packaging options. Our strengths include


- Understanding customer need

- Quality manufacturing facility

- Minimum production volumes

- Wide variety of options

- Flexibility

- Over 20 years of experience